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YFM’s Garden Party – Sunday 19th September

We are so looking forward to seeing and celebrating with you all next week. To help the party run smoothly and to let you know what to expect here are a few extra details:

3pm – 5pm

We are hosting the garden party in the grounds of Minstead Lodge which can be found on Seaman’s Lane, Minstead SO43 7FT. There is plenty of parking both left and right off the main drive. If you get to the house you’ve come a bit too far and need to head back up the drive to the car parks. Then make your way to the house and enter the garden through the arch on the right.

Food and drink
We are pleased to be able to have an afternoon tea at our garden party so come with a little bit of space for sandwiches, scones and cake!

Dress code
There is no dress code – feel free to wear whatever you fancy!

Hopefully we’ve answered any queries you may have but please feel free to email carolyn@youthandfamiliesmatter.org.uk if you have any further questions.