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Code of Safe Conduct for Volunteers – The Chapel

YFM highly values you as a volunteer and your involvement in the organisation’s work and hopes to encourage you in your support, contribution and assistance. Many of our services and activities would be at risk if it weren’t for yours or other volunteers’ help, and many of our children, young people and their families benefit greatly from it.

It is our duty to ensure that whilst you are engaged in voluntary activities for YFM that we care for you and ensure your safety. We also, of course, have a duty to ensure that The Chapel is run effectively and efficiently, providing a professional service for our customers. This information is to inform you of what measures we need to apply to ensure that this is the case.

As a volunteer, you MUST:

  • Adhere to any YFM policies and procedures that are specifically identified as relevant to your voluntary role, e.g. Health & Safety, Fire Safety.
  • Behave in a mature, respectful, safe, fair and considered manner.
  • Dress appropriately for the role. If you are working in the café environment, to wear the apron provided.
  • Be aware of the guidelines regarding health & hygiene, and ensure you follow these guidelines; hair must be tied back, hands regularly washed.
  • Arrive on time for your shift.
  • Inform Laura or the staff member on duty if you are unable to make your shift (preferably at least 24 hrs before).
  • Be aware of the cash handling policy and the instructions for using the till.
  • Record any accidents that occur in the accident log book, and pass this on to the staff member in charge.
  • Respect confidentiality. If YFM staff members are meeting clients at The Chapel, this is to remain confidential. If you hear any confidential information, this is not to be shared. If, however, you have cause to be concerned regarding a child protection or safeguarding issue, you must pass this on to Laura or Kelly.
  • Attend the relevant training as agreed with Laura.

In signing this code of conduct you agree to abide by the above guidelines. If the Retail Manager has reason to believe you are not following these guidelines, she has the right to inform the Operations Manager. If the issues cannot be resolved through discussion with you, they have the right to terminate the contract.

If you have any concerns during your time volunteering at The Chapel, you should inform the Retail Manager or the Operations Manager. YFM also has a complaints procedure that you can access should you require it.

Many thanks for your support of YFM.